There is an amazing story being told by the stars every night. They began telling it a long time ago. The story was carried down through many generations but it eventually became lost. The story that the stars tell has not been told for thousands of years until now.

The names of the stars in each of the original forty eight constellations all have very special meanings to their names. When the original names of the stars are combined together into sentences they begin telling their story. Each constellation tells a short story. And when all of the constellations are combined together they tell the story written in our night sky.

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Around the time of 1850 AD, a woman named Frances Rolleston started putting the Zodiac puzzle back together.  Her research includes numerous charts and descriptions for the names of the stars and constellations.  She traced all of the names of the stars back through their ancient languages and documented all her findings.  But it is very hard to understand her work and even harder to make any sense of it.  Two Bible scholars named; Ethelbert Bullinger and Joseph Seiss made an attempt at explaining Rolleston’s research.  But they did not add any structure or have it make much sense either.  There are several websites today, which try to make sense out of Rolleston’s research, but they mostly follow along with what Bullinger narrated in the book called ‘The Witness of the Stars’.  Bullinger started the Zodiac correctly with the sign of Virgo but then moved incorrectly next to Libra.  The first sign to read after Virgo is the constellation Leo. 

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